Mr. Yen Wen Fang is one of the founders of Engineering Partners and has over 22 years of experience in Hawaii and California as Design Engineer, Project Engineer/Manager and Principal. Mr. Fang's Civil Engineering field of expertise includes the design of site and roadways, street and intersection improvements, drainage, sewer collection, sewer studies, individual wastewater system, water system, drainage system, drainage and flood studies and grading design. Mr. Fang's Structural Engineering experiences include building and bridge foundations, seismic and structural evaluation of existing buildings, site retaining walls and concrete box culverts, low rise buildings and custom homes. Mr. Fang also provides Special Inspection services for building projects that require special inspection for structural framing construction.

  • Education: University of Hawaii at Manoa, 1992 – B.S. Civil Engineering
  • Years of Experience:
    20 years in Hawaii as a Civil and Structural Engineer
    2 years in California as a Civil Engineer
  • Professional Licensing:
    P.E., Civil Engineering, Hawaii 1997, C-9361
    P.E., Structural Engineering, Hawaii 2003, S-9361
    P.E., Civil Engineering, California, 1996, C55537
    P.E., Civil Engineering, Nevada 2013, 022358
    P.E., Structural Engineer, Nevada 2013, 022358
    Special Inspection, Hawaii, HIS 0032
  • Certifications: NCEES (Pending)
  • Organizations: ASCE, SEAOH, AISC, ICC